How to decorate a bedroom dresser?

When you think of your bedroom, the bedroom dresser is the second biggest furniture piece after your bed. It is an important piece in your room as it serves you more than one purpose. Mostly, when you plan to decorate your room, you think to bring in a dresser which is one of the most useful pieces of furniture.

Often, you use or make the top of your dresser a place to keep things like your jewelry, keys, a small stuff of your kids and more. Apart from using the top of the dresser, it also provides you with a great storage. There are a variety of bedroom dressers you get on the market with different facilities.

Now, if your dresser top is used for the purposes mentioned above, then it is very boring to see it like that. Also, it doesn’t look stylish if it is like this. Moreover, when you think of decorating your bedroom, if you decorate your dresser top, it will add to the beauty of your room. There are lots of ways you can make your dresser look stylish, yet enhance all the characteristics in a unique way.

Let us take a look at how you can decorate your bedroom dresser and make it look an elegant piece of furniture.

Clean it off

Remove all the unnecessary things kept on the top of the dresser. It is very important that it should be clean enough to accommodate other things. Wipe it with polish to remove the dust and grime. Also, remove all those things that don’t belong to the dresser or your bedroom. The top should crystal clear to show the original shine of the furniture.

Set the center stage

Most of the times a dresser needs to have something large to be displayed on its top, like a mirror or anything that provides a visual balance. If your dresser is underneath a window, then the job is done. But, if it is standing against a wall, you can create its center by placing a large mirror on its top to attract its sight. Alternatively, you can also place a few photo frames or a collection of smaller pieces of art on the wall over the dresser.

Keep something tall

When you have hung a mirror over the top of the dresser, you need to have something tall to be arranged to the side of the hanging mirror. You can place a lamp or a second lamp if you already have one on the other side of the room. Alternatively, you have lots of options to decorate the top of the dresser or the side of the hanging mirror like a tall houseplant, decorative basket or collectible, tall pillar candle, vase filled with flowers (either real or faux) or an upright jewelry box.

Display a great-looking tray

When you keep things scattered over the top of a dresser, it gives a cluttered look. But, when you place all those things in a nice looking tray, then it gives a different look to your dresser. For this, you can bring in a pretty tray, which not only looks decorative but is a useful addition to your dresser. You can place coral jewelry, perfume bottles, or other toiletries, small collectibles like seashells, or some memories. There are lots of ways you can decorate the tray placed on the dresser. Select a tray that displays a strong style statement and adds to the elegance of the space.

Paint it new

When you have an old dresser, you can give a nice makeover by painting it with a new and bold color. Colors always add to the beauty of any furniture. You can have either soft colors or the bright ones or can also have a mix of both. When it comes to decorating your home, room or even a dresser, there are no specific rules. Just go bold and creative and bring out your imagination on your furniture piece.

Add fabric to the sides of the drawers

It will be something unique and different but it is worth a try. Decorate the side of your drawers with multicolored or a handmade fabric. When you open the drawers, you will see them colorful, which itself looks so beautiful.

Use lace to cover the notches of the drawers

Again when it comes to decorating the dresser or a furniture, it is always good to try different and new things. You must have never thought of this, but you can decorate the notches of the drawers with either laces or ribbons. It definitely, looks unique and pretty.

Decorating anything needs you to be completely creative and follow no rules. Yes, it is very important that you try out different things and let your heart display in your decoration. Likewise, you can make a dull and boring looking bedroom dresser into a stylish furniture piece with just a few changes and decorative ideas. When you plan to bring a dresser, then buy a bedroom dresser with mirror, which simplifies your decoration process.