Sisal Carpets – synonym to happiness

First of all, let’s see what coir is and how a coir rug is made? Coir is a strong and durable fiber which is obtained from coconut husk. It is the oldest form of covering floors. In olden times also, coir fibers mats were used to cover floor due to it following properties:

–    Strong

–    Durable

–    Easy to clean

–    Absorbs dirt and dust

These properties of the coir mats and rugs gave it a special place in the home décor. One of the most striking features is that they are inexpensive and they are natural fiber mats which make them eco-friendly and biodegradable.

In today’s modern world, even though people have moved ahead and opted for machine mats and rugs, it is still evident that the natural fiber mats and rugs are having plentiful health benefits too. It includes less off-gassing which is quite prevalent in the machine and man-made rugs and causes many respiratory and bronchitis problems. The reason is minute particle and gases immerse in the air and make it fill with allergens. So, it is always excellent to have natural fiber mats like coir, sea grass, sisal and jute mats.

How is coir made?

The process of coir making is quite a time taking task as it is an outer husk of coconut which widely grown in coastal regions of Asia. The coir is first soaked in water for months. The coir fiber has high cellulose and there are two varieties of coir. The varieties are brown coir and white coir. The brown coir is obtained from the ripened coconut whereas white coir is the result of unripe coconut. As to both types of coir, brown coir is usually used to make mats as it is thick, strong, and durable and has high abrasion resistance. After this, they delicately woven into beautiful patterns that contain various geometrical shapes and other designs. Coir mat flooring can be spread throughout the home but avoid areas like your bathroom and areas which are prone to moisture as it is vulnerable to excessive moisture. Low amounts of moisture doesn’t affect coir mats.

How can you dramatically change the look of your place?

The look of coir mats is quite conspicuous as it has rustic appearance and it is the natural product and minimally processed. As the matter of fact, many synthetic types of flooring have so many chemicals added so it becomes attractive but unfortunately they are also prone to rapid wear. In this case, coir mats are extremely durable.

Floorspace Coir mats are natural insect repellants as they are resistant to all kinds of moths, bugs and insects as the coir have natural oils in the fibers which repel insects.

In the colder climate, coir mats are extremely beneficial as they provide both heat insulation and sound insulation. In this manner, your electricity bill is considerably reduced. The designing of coir mats is important for the best design of mats and Floorspace provides you with ample patterns so you can choose according to your surroundings and décor. Don’t try DIY with the natural rug carpeting you should always hire a professional floor layer like Floorspace, who has experience in laying all type of flooring.